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Gender Scan

16-40 weeks. Around 10 minute appointment with 2D scan to determine the gender of the baby, and a complimentary 3D/ 4D peek of the baby.
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₤ 45

Welcome Scan

20 minutes appointment. Real time scan on DVD which includes mixture of 2D and 4D. Also includes a CD with 10-15 3D pictures.

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₤ 99.99

Special Scan

30 minute appointment, Including 15 minute DVD/ CD with 25-30 3D pictures, 4 6×4 colour prints, 9 key ring size pictures. Includes Presentation, Sexing if required. click here for details

₤ 145

Online Offer

24-36 weeks. Including 10 mins 3D/4D DVD, 15-20 3D pics on CD, 3 COLORED & 3 B/W pictures. Gender confirmation if needed.

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₤ 74.99