Term & Conditions


1) This contract is between Hi Mom! 4D Scan and you, the customer, and shall be governed by the following terms and conditions of trade. Nothing in these conditions will affect your statutory rights.

We reserve the right to modify or improve our service without notice. This contract covers all scan packages so some information may not be relevant to your scan. 


2)  Hi Mom! 4D Scan will provide a non-diagnostic, non-medical 2D-4D foetal ultrasound scan.

Be aware that the 4D scan is dependent on the position baby is in and the fluid surrounding baby. If for this reason we are unable to give a 4D scan, we always welcome you back to rescan. 

The ultrasound scan,  CD-Rom or email (USB is at a cost) are to be used as a pictorial keep-sake souvenir of your unborn baby and cannot be used for any type of medical or legal reason other than home entertainment. Sound is not recorded via video as the scan machine does not record this function. We have additional addons such as heartbeat video on phone or heartbeat teddies. (see pricelist)


3)  Hi Mom! 4D Scan offers you the ultrasound scan on the understanding that you are receiving the appropriate ante-natal care and have had 1 normal hospital scan.

Under no circumstances should Hi Mom! scan be a substitute for your hospital ultrasound.1

Please note our sonographer is not in the position to offer medical or diagnostic advice. We may complete a report to be given to your midwife for hospital referral. Please be aware that this is for second opinion reasons only to contribute towards any new information.


4)  We will record your scan onto email \CD-rom, on request, included in the price depending on the package. (USB at a cost) Please note, we do not keep copies of your scan and we can not retain any images. Any problems with CD or USB must be reported to us by the following day.

If you are not happy with any part of our service, you must tell us at the time. We can not guarantee full face images as 4D depends on your baby’s position. However, we undertake to give the best service possible with your baby’s co-operation. With this in mind, we may not be able to guarantee your appointment will run on time.  


5)  The price for Hi Mom! ultrasound scan shall be that illustrated on our website.

The full price of our scan must be paid before the scan is undertaken.   Hi Mom! will not hand over your scan or pictures until fully paid for.


6)  We recommend that you have your Hi Mom! Reassurance Scan after 6 weeks. Gender Scan from 16 weeks & 4D scan after 17 weeks. Please go to all your hospital scans as normal. We advise that Gender Scans are to be done from 16 weeks as any scan less than 16 weeks would not be 100 percent. If we scan you and you’re less than 15 weeks we can not refund you for the scan and your scan will become a Reassurance Scan and you will need to rebook at full price at a later date for your Gender Scan. 

Any problems found at the time of your scan will be explained as fully as possible with the recommendation that your ante-natal provider be informed as soon as possible with your consent. 

Please note WE DO NOT LOOK FOR ABNORMALITIES and can not be held responsible for any found later date. 


7)  Hi Mom! 4D Scan accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal effects howsoever caused while you, the customers, are on our premises. Hi Mom! 4D Scan shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by any act or omission by Hi Mom! 4D Scan employees, servants, or agents, save for death or personal injury unless set out in these terms and conditions.


8)  Hi Mom! 4D Scan will not be held responsible for any breach of this contract caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


9)  This contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is the entire contract between you and Hi Mom! 4D Scan.  

I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions stated above and that I agree to be bound by them